Removing remembered strings

I like how the "Tag - Filename" option remembers previously used strings. However, there are so many remembered, I cannot quickly choose my most used ones. I was looking for a way to either clear it or edit it so I can make it a list of my most commonly used strings.


Robbie G

You can delete an entry from the input history with [Shift+Entf]
It works for one at the time only, though. May be a bit tiring ...

He means [Shift+DEL]

(Shift+Entf is on a German Keyboard)

I copied the info from a German thread and forgot to translate - you are right of course! Thank you.

Perfect! Just what I was looking for! Thanks to both of you.

I asked this question recently, and got the same very helpful answer. :slight_smile: I have since discovered, though, that in some cases, this doesn't seem to work. The "deleted" string does disappear while the box is open, but then after closing and re-opening it, all the unwanted clutter is back again. :frowning:

Is there any way to sort the list? As I went through a HUGE library cleanup I created several different strings and found it helpful when I could easily select a string I previously created but they were not in alpha order and as the list grows it is difficult to find the string I need.

Unfortunately true. They all came back. :frowning:

Anyone have any other suggestions?


You have to click "OK" after deleting them. If you click "Cancel" the deleting is also canceled.

Thanks Pone, that worked!