Removing selected tags automatically?

Is there a quick and easy way to delete tags except for a few you specify?

e.g. Remove them all except for the Title, Artist, Track Name, Album Name...

Going through my collection, many have superfluous tags from Serato, Traktor, Discogs etc.

Rather than having to edit the Extended Tags en masse, which is a chore, be easier to say to say keep these and remove the rest.

It's quiet easy to load and select all files, click on View -> Extended Tags and delete the unwanted tags for ALL the selected files at once.
You can even select several unwanted tags while pressing the Ctrl-Key and then delete them all at once.

AFAIK there is no $keep function in Mp3tag (where you could define the few tags you want to keep and the function deletes automatically every other tag not listed).

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There is an action to delete fields except:

In that action you enter the tag fields that you want to keep.

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