Removing Selective Content along with Associated Paranthesis

I've spent countless hours searching through the forums/FAQs and trying different commands and can't figure out how to achieve what I thought would be a simple task. I've seen similar topics, but none seem to work for my scenario.

I have thousands of files similar to the following where I just want to remove (Soca YYYY) from the TITLE (as it's already captured in Genre and Year), but keep everything else.

So to give a few examples, I need the TITLEs to change

Gyal Wuk (Soca 2011) (Intro Outro)
Gyal Wuk (Soca 2011) (Mega Kutz)
Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Acapella Intro Outro) (Soca 2014)
Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Snip Hitz) (Soca 2014)

Gyal Wuk (Intro Outro)
Gyal Wuk (Mega Kutz)
Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Acapella Intro Outro)
Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Snip Hitz)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Try an action of the type
Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Search string: (Soca \d\d\d\d)
Replace string:
(leave empty)
It may be necessary to insert a blank as first character in the search string to avoid double-blanks.

Thanks for the suggestion! I gave it a shot, but unfortunately, it didn't modify the Title tag at all.

All the methods I've tried based on other posts will either do nothing, or get rid of everything starting with the opening parenthesis on Soca; which is fine in the few instances it appears at the end, but most are in the middle. Argh... pulling my hair out...

I just tried it with
Gyal Wuk (Soca 2011) (Intro Outro)

and the expression
(Soca \d\d\d\d)
and the result is:
Gyal Wuk (Intro Outro)

So it works, I would say.

Thanks so much, ohrenkino!!

I must have screwed something up the first time... I shut down MP3tag, loaded your suggestion again and is working like a charm! Thanks again!! :w00t:

This proposal is based on GENRE and YEAR, already filled with fitting data.

If tag-field GENRE is set to 'Soca' ... and ... if tag-field YEAR is set to '2011' or '2014' or other value then ... you may apply ... Convert "Tag -Tag" ... or ... Action "Format value" Tagfield : TITLE Formatstring: $replace(%TITLE%,' ('%GENRE%' '%YEAR%')',) Result for TITLE: T:\TEST\Test1.mp3 "Gyal Wuk (Soca 2011) (Mega Kutz)" -> "Gyal Wuk (Mega Kutz)" T:\TEST\Test2.mp3 "Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Snip Hitz) (Soca 2014)" -> "Partyak (Party People Anthem) (Snip Hitz)"