Removing single & double quotation marks from file name

I am having trouble using the replace function to remove punctuation from filenames after using tags to rename files. So far I have successfully removed the troublesome &, !, ., $, +, and = but am struggling to figure out how to use the replace function to replace ' and "

Have you tried this?

There are different kind of quotation marks in the ascii-code. Are you sure that you picked the right source character? You could C&P the source character from the filename.

To replace the straight double quotation mark " should be no problem but you probably have 2 single quotation marks because a double quotation marks is not allowed within the filename in Windows.

For a single quotation mark you have to put to the source an additional single quotation mark in front. ('')

You can test your replace-functions with the converter Tag->Tag which has an immediate preview. Here the format strings for different quotation marks:

Single quotation mark:
Format string: $replace(%_filename%,'',)

Double quotation mark:
Format string: $replace(%_filename%,",)

2 single quotation marks:
Format string: $replace(%_filename%,''',)

I wonder why you see ',&,.,+ and = as "troublesome." In Windows these are allowed characters in filenames.

Do you know that you can already replace characters in the step of renaming filenames from tags instead of correcting the filenames afterwards?