Removing some of blank spaces after brackets

I have this problem with brackets

Some time ago I expanded my actions used for automatic cleaning of errors in tags. Unfortunately, it seems that by taking care of some of my common mistakes are created a problem, discovered later on. And the new issue with my tags is this: I get unnecessary space after the >>)<< sign. So I end up with something like

Symphony #11 In G Minor (The Year 1905) , Opus #103, Movement 1: Adagio (The Palace Square)instead of correct
Symphony #11 In G Minor (The Year 1905), Opus #103, Movement 1: Adagio (The Palace Square)[please note that I do not have issue a pause added at the end of the TITLE / FILENAME]

So I would like to kindly ask for two things:

A] Code for a filter, that would point out all files that have pauses put between >>)<< and a sign, that is not a letter or number. So that I can manually check what other cases they are, because right now I can only think of >>) ,<< and >>) !<< and >>) ?<< but I may be missing some others; so that I can avert a hypothetical another new issue, discovered later on

Code for an action, that would remove pauses put between >>)<< and a sign, that is not a letter or number

I do not think that the () are the problem.
I think it is the problem that there should not be a leading blank in front of punctuation.

So, a $replace(%title%,' ,',',',' .','.',' !','!',' ?','?',' :',':',' )',')','( ','(',' ;',';')
should solve it.

That's it

Now it seems so obvious

And expand it even further, also >>...<< should be included. But that is already covered with a single dot case. As for the brackets themselves, those are already covered in other part of my cleaning action

So [my] full code concerning this issues goes like this

$replace(%TILE%,' ,',',',' .','.',' :',':',';',';',' !','!',' ?','?',)
$replace(%_FILENAME%,' ,',',',' .','.',';',';',' !','!',' §','§',)[The "§" is in my book a way of dealing with the illegal character >>?<<, and the >>..<< is the equivalent of >>:<<]

Problem solved, thank you very much