Removing/Strip Tag

All my files are like "S01E01 - Hello World" "S01E02 - Back Again for Another Round"

How can i strip it just so i can have "S01E01" "S01E02"

Reason why, i am putting the stripped titles in a Episode ID Tag.

Thank you in advanced.

Are those file names or are those strings in one of the tag fields?

Strings are in a tag not the filename.

You can use an action of the type "Import tags (guess values)" - if "S01E02 - Back Again for Another Round"
is part of the title, create the action for TITLE
enter as guessing pattern:
%episodeid% - %title%

This creates a user-defined tag EPISODEID with the contents SE01E02 and leaves "Back Again for Another Round" in TITLE.

Use a 'Guess Values' action. Assuming the above is in the TITLE field, something like:

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: %TVEPISODEID% - %TITLE%

According to Mp3tag's tag field mappings help page, there's a recognized Mp4 field for TV episode ID. Assuming that this is what the OP wants, it requires using the internal name 'TVEPISODEID'.

I usually have the filename s01e01 - title from there I was going to get the season id. I will try out your suggestions, thanks.

I changed it around and got the results i wanted. I am just sharing it. Thanks guys for all the help!

You are right.