Removing Tag Data from Movie Files Extremely Slow

I saw the other 'slow posts' and sorted my folder on the 'Title' Tag, so I only selected files with Tags. (I read that it takes longer to load files that do not have Tags as the Tag info goes to the front and the file has to be rewritten). That did not help the speed, except that I am trying to process fewer files. Of 7,900+ movie files, I now have 5,403 selected. By 'extremely slow I mean it had taken 4 1/2 hours to go through 700 of 7,900 files - meaning 2 full days to process.

All I am trying to do is remove Tags. Having gathered files for years the Tags are a mess and they are messing with my ability to accurately load files into Plex (A movie/TV show/music organization program).

Am I missing a setting that would allow for faster batch processing of what seems like should be a very fast process?

Are you storing the files on a NAS or another external drive that could explain (parts) of the slowness? Which movie file format are you using (MP4 or MKV)?

The files are on my hard drive, I have both MP4 and MKV movie files.

Could you check if this thread helps you in any way: