Removing Tag from Tag Panel Edit Field Drop-down List

MP3Tag version 2.55a
iTunes version
Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1

I have a tag I created called "MyTag" which appears in the Tag Panel Edit Field drop-down list.
How do I remove it?

Mp3tag Options dialog | Tag Panel menu item | Add field ... button | Edit field ... dialog | Field drop-down list | "MyTag" is one of the items.

How do I delete "MyTag" from the drop-down list?

Thanks in advance.

One of the places where you edit the list of fields is in the extended tags dialogue when you press the New button.
In the subsequent dialogue select the field you want to remove and then click on the arrow-button on the right to open a little menu. In this menu select "Remove from list".

I do not know whether the tag panel dialogue uses the same list.

That worked. Thank you for your help.

Here are the steps in detail.

Select a MP3 file.
View | Extended Tags...
Press Add Field button
Press Field drop-down
Select the Tag to delete
Press right arrow button
Select "Remove field"