Removing Tags


Is there a way for this program to show me what kind of tags my files has and allow me to delete the tag?..Some of my files have ID3v1,ID3v2 and APE tags that i am trying to clean up


Right click on the columns (below the toolbar), select "Columns..."
and add a colum called "Tags", with the value "%_tag%".

PS: Suggestion: I think the tags column should be enabled by default
(can't remember exactly, it isn't, is it ?).


Use this to remove entire tag version(s) (ID3v1,ID3v2 and APE):
Remove tag: hotkey [Ctrl + R]
This function removes the tags specified at Options > Tags from the selected files.

Or use Tags...: hotkey [Alt + T]
to remove tags inside tag version (ID3v1,ID3v2 and APE).