removing the Lyrics3 tag


would it be possible to implement the feature to remove just the Lyrics3v2 tag while keeping the ID3v1 one? Right now I have to manually copy the info to an ID3v2 tag (if it's not there yet), remove the Lyrics tag along with the ID3v1, then copy the info back from ID3v2 to v1 and remove the ID3v2. This is obviously a PITA and something that I would gladly replace with a one/two click action :slight_smile:.

in case you wonder why do i do this... in its main window winamp shows first the info from id3v2, if there isn't any it then looks for info in the lyrics tag and finally it looks in id3v1. i prefer having just the latter if all the artist/title/album info fits into it and when i remove the id3v2 tag, i often get stuck looking at some info that's in the lyrics tag that i can't even edit in winamp (or any other app that i use). i have absolutely no use for the lyrics tag ever, while the id3v1 is what i mainly use so it would be extremely useful if i could get rid of one without the other.

Maybe you could do that the other way?

Use an Action from type "Remove all tags excluding:"
and then include all the tags you want to keep.

(I'm not sure about the Action-Type in english - sorry! :ph34r: )

P.S. Für Florian: Die Hilfe in deutsch lautet noch nicht auf "Alle Tag-Felder entfernen ausser", sondern noch auf "Tag-Felder entfernen ausser". Deshalb erscheint das auch in der Reihenfolge nicht 100% übereinstimmend zur Auswahl. :unsure:

Why don't you only remove the ID3v1 and then use the Undo-feature to get the ID3v1 back?

@dano: thanks that works, problem solved :slight_smile: i thought undo would undo everything, thus bring back the lyrics tag too, not just the id3v1 one.

@lyricslover: thanks. i don't have to create an action now that dano gave me such a simple solution, but your reply made me look better at the actions and before i didn't notice how potentially powerful they were :slight_smile: