Removing track numbers

This all started friday night when I came home to Itunes having deleted my library and having to reload it in. Well I went to go tag a few new things and some program I had got renamed alot of the filenames and tracks with numbers before their actually name.
I thought I had the solution in getting mp3tag but it seems I may not be as smart as I thought. LOL. I went to the FAQ and found what I thought would do the job but instead they are just as messed up as before.
Can anyone help me?I have 13k mp3's and really dont want to remove these numbers one by one because that would be a pain in my rear.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Could you clearify what your problem is?
Has it something to do with iTunes? (-> ask the iTunes forum)
Have you modified files but these changes do not show in iTunes? (-> update your library with a utility to re-read the tracks)
Or do you want to rename the files? -> use the converter Tag - Filename

Just a hint: use a clear description instead of big letters to make your point.

Yeah sorry about that I was trying to change something and forgot to take that back out. It isnt a problem with Itunes. I have my library loaded back in there. Its with the filenames and titles that this
program put on the files. Alot of them now have numbers before the title or filename. Some even the artist too. Its funny how I went to just try to make naming 300 files easier and ended up screwing up over 13k.

Unless you apply the function "Converter Tag filename" this program will NEVER change filenames on its own.
Which kind of filename do you want?
artist - title?
Please give an example

Yeah I would prefer to have that. No numbers of tracks in any space which right now they are in a few. Artist,Title and Filename. Frustrating for sure.

This is still very confusing: how can you have a filename that consists of artist, title and filename?
I hope you have filled the tags for title and artist (I bet you have as otherwise the tracks would look stoopid in iTunes)
Load all files that have the unwanted filename into mp3tag.
Select all.

Use the function
Converter tag- filename
enter a mask that looks like this:
(this is what I gathered from your suggestion at the top)
The preview function in that dialogue will show you the anticipated result.
Adapt the mask to your needs.

I'm dealing with a similar problem. My file names all look like this: 01 - All I Do Is Dream Of You. I want to remove the first five characters (01 - ) from the Title and Filename fields. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

If you have a similar problem like the OP 'tmdewitt', then follow the recommendations, which have been already given in this thread to solve the similar problem.

Otherwise see there: