Removing Track Numbers

Hi all

I have a lot of music named with the track number in the filename which i want to remove eg Bob Marley & The Wailers - 03 - Could You Be Loved.mp3 I would like it to be Bob Marley & The Wailers-Could You Be Loved.mp3 It Has to be a filename change as the tomtom player doesn't handle tags well,Can anyone help a dumbass :slight_smile:



Do you have tags for ARTIST and TITLE?
Than you should rename the files with
convert / Tag-Filename
%artist% - %title%

Hi & thx For the help, i think i see where your gojng but as i said they aren't tags but filenames (terminology) so maybe i should use convert filename-Filename, the second part of the command i assume is the string u provided but what would i use as the old filename pattern?

Thx Again

For the converter Filename - Filename you have to use %1, %2 etc.

So, if your filename pattern is typical then you have a part before the hyphens, one part in between, but that should be discarded and a part behind the hyphen.

So the source pattern is:
%1 - %2 - %3
and the target pattern is:
%1 - %3

You hae to watch out for files that have 3 hyphens.

But: Poster is right: I would not repect the tomtom player too much and tag my files first and then generate files that are suitable for the player - otherwise you constantly loose information and have to reconstruct it painstackingly.

Hi, Thx to both of you and that has solved it. I agree with what you say but I'm a great believer in backups,hence after recently losing a hard drive, my mp3s are intact.

Thx again for the help