Removing unwanted folders or files with an Action?

Every now and then, the music files comprising an album end up (by accident or carelessness) accompanied by one or two items that we want to remove. The most common items are named "folder.jpg" and/or "thumbs.db."

We only want the FLAC files for each album in each ALBUM folder in our library directory tree. Is there a way to build an action item to automatically remove these items if they exist? We normally run a "post-rip/tagging" action item to clean up the contents of an ALBUM folder before adding it to our server. For example, we remove unwanted tags when we do this, but this is different. It would be great if we could also ensure that these extra items are deleted from the ALBUM contents should they be there.

Thanks for any advice. It's hard enough to manage a large music library without having this extra problem that crops up now and then.

Dennis, aka "d2b"

AFAIK there is no action to delete complete files.
The files you mention are not loaded by default into MP3tag - you would have to configure MP3tag to do that.

The easiest way would probably be to execute a little shell procedure with the contents
del /s /ah folder.jpg
del /s /ah thumbs.db
Yet, there is no way to execute a tool (command) in the context of actions.

These unwanted files are deleted within seconds within the windows explorer.
Just write thumbs.db for instance in the explorer-filter and delete the shown files.
To make it a task taking only seconds your media-folders should be in the folders windows builds an idex, but that is recommended anyway.

A simple DOS command batch should work, which can walk down through a folder tree ...

CD /D [drive:\path] DEL /P/S/F/ARSH folder.jpg;thumbs.db

See also ....

Be careful!


Thanks everyone! We'll try your ideas.