Removing WWW addresses from MP3 filenames


I'm a new user of this great software and i searched across this forum to find an answer for my question but i didn't found a specific one.

So, my problem is that i have a lot of mp3 files named ARTIST - SONGTITLE

I want to remove all the web addresses including the ones that don't start with a WWW (like ARTIST - SONGTITLE

Can you help me finding the replacement string to rename the files in order to dissapear the web address?

Thanks a lot!

Make a new action

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: \s(www.)?[A-z0-9]+.(org|net|com)(?=.)
Replace matches with:

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

This is a very simple example.

Could I just add that I have 2 additions to this and would like to know how to remove them?

I tried the expression above and its fine, except it leaves a bit.

01-artist-song_name -
01-artist-song_name []

in all examples above, how can I add to the expression and also remove the "-" and " - " (spaces included) to be removed too and " []"

thanks for any help!

[- _]{1,3}\[?(www\.)?[A-z0-9]+\.(org|net|com)\]?(?=\.)

thanks so much!