Rename a parent directory for multi-disc albums

For example, I have a Beethoven disc that has 4 discs, so they are 4 CD folders under the parent directory.

I want to do a rename of the parent directory, NOT the current directory of each of the four sub-folders. I begin by right clicking on the parent directory and it loads all the sub folders.

I'd like to keep the sub directories below the main directory.

Beethoven - Piano Sonatas 4, 5, 6

My format for _Directory works great if I want to move all the files to a single directory (current dir), but I'd like to write two directories up. (in the case above, rename the "Beethoven - Piano Sonatas 4, 5, 6 to whatever I want.

I tried with format value with .._Directory, but that did not work.

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious!!

Thanks in advance!

You missed the %.
should work

Thanks ohrenkino, but that didn't work for me.

I was able to write a "new" folder at the parent dir level, but all I want to really do is "rename" the parent directory, so it carries all the art jpgs, playlists, etc.

I was hoping to have it work like my Format Value, Field: _Directory, Format String: %year% - %album%, but using _parent_directory for field.

Such as: (see screen shot)

that didn't work.

In the past my work flow was to:

  1. right click on parent folder which would bring up all files from all CD sub folders for that multi-CD album
  2. from tools menu, choose auto numbering and un-check "reset for all subdirs" (this would rename all files from all CDs 01-XX, where XX would be the total number of tracks from all CDs)
  3. then I would use my rename directory (_Directory) - like above and it would rename my parent directory, and put all the files in that single directory ( this was fine due to auto numbering step above)

I don't HAVE to get this working, as my process above works fine. It just seems that I should be able to rename the parent directory and keep the sub folders of the CD without having to write the absolute filename with _Filename, etc.

Thanks for your considerations

Rename the filename instead. (_FILENAME)

Example Formatstring: %album%\%_directory%\%_filename%


Thanks Bud, that works better than anything I've tried yet!! Not exactly what I wanted, as it creates that directory as a new sub directory under the original parent. BUT - it has the new dir name like I want and in that directory it has all the original sub dirs of the multiple CD albums, each containing the original files! So all I have to do now is grab that and move it to my music collection.

Excellent my friend!

Again, I wish I could just have it "rename" my original parent directory, with all the CD sub directories and the playlists, art files and any art sub directories. But all I have to do is just move them into it now and I'm okay.

Thanks again, I learned something new from you today. Much appreciated and I'll use that until I find a way to just rename the parent so it has all the CD sub directories and other supporting files - one day.

Cheers! Happy New Year.

My example shopuld not do create a subdirectory but create a new parent-directory on the same level.
Anyway you can define an absolute path to the folder of your music collection, if you want to move it the files anyway:
Example Formatstring: E:<i>Path to my music collection\%album%\%_directory%\%_filename%

The disadvantage of renaming the files instead of the parent-dircetory is that only marked music-files will be moved to the new path and an empty directory is left behind.

Obviously it is not possible to rename the parent-directory with an action.
But I think it is possible to do this with external commands from a batch-file, which can be added to the tools menue.

Rename the folder, which is one level above the folder, which contains the tracks. Action "Format value" ... oder ... Convert "Tag-Tag" Field: _DIRECTORY Formatstring: %_folderpath%'..\..\Folder New\'%_directory%

See also ...



I'm really confused by this :

Formatstring: %_folderpath%'....\Folder New'%_directory%

I have for example this album structure :
Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major, BWV1046 I , Allegro.m4a
Brandenburg Concertos No. 5 in D major, BWV1050 Affettuoso.m4a

Whith these tags :
Artist : J.S Bach
Album : Bradenburg Concertos 1-6
Conductor : Benjamin Britten
Year : 2001


I would like to rename the folders like this :
J.S. Bach - [Benjamin Britten] - Bradenburg Concertos 1-6 - 2001 - 2CD
01 - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major, BWV1046 I , Allegro.flac
01 - Brandenburg Concertos No. 5 in D major, BWV1050 Affettuoso.flac

I have tried this action :

Format value "_FILENAME":
$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)[ - '[$if2(%conductor%,%conductor%)]'] - %album% - $if(%year%,[%year%],!!!)[CD$if(%discnumber%,%discnumber%,)]\%track% - %title%

And i have tried without success...
Formatstring: %_folderpath%'....\Folder New'%_directory%

I woiuld need something like
%foldername% (track parent)
%foldername2% (parent of track parent)
%foldername3% (...)

Thank you for you help,
Kindest regards

Please take into account ...
Your request is something different from the theme of this thread.
You cannot change the encoding type of a music file from 'm4a' to 'flac' by simple renaming.
You have to recode the music file from type M4A to FLAC.
You want to apply these values ...
You have these values ...
... it lacks a few.
You want to apply ...
Format value "_FILENAME":
$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)[' - ['$if2(%CONDUCTOR%,%CONDUCTOR%)']']' - '%ALBUM%' - '$if(%YEAR%,'['%YEAR%']','!!!')'[CD'$if(%DISCNUMBER%,%DISCNUMBER%,)']'%TRACK%' - '%TITLE%
You can use the function $if2 ...
to prevent your formatstring from using non existing values ...
and return an alternative value:
$if2(%CONDUCTOR%,) ... returns %CONDUCTOR% or nothing
$if2(%DISCNUMBER%,) ... returns %DISCNUMBER% or nothing
You can write some parts within your formatstring in another way:
$if(%YEAR%,'['%YEAR%']','!!!') --> $if2('['%YEAR%']','!!!')