Rename album name in tag

Hi. I am using a Logitech Media Server for playing my 14500 mp3's
When I use a software player for a PC it does not display the Album picture and that is annoying.
Found out that the album name in the tag must be cover.jpg and guess more than 14000 of my album have another name.
So my question is: Is it possible by any chance that I can use mp3 tag to 'only rename the already added album picure'?
I have started to remove the picture, rename it and past it back but it takes for ever.

Are you sure that the album NAME has to be cover.jpg?
Could it be that the COVER TYPE has to be "Front Cover"?

Or could it be that you still have to embed the covers?
Apply the filter
%_covers% MISSING
and any file that shows up has no embedded cover.
You could embed the cover from more or less the first found image in a folder (if you don't know which name the picture file has) with an action
Import cover from file
Format string: *.jpg
Then see what the player makes of it.

The name for the picture in the tag must be either cover.jpg, folder.jpg, album.jpg or thumb.jpg, all these are accepted but nothing else. It is not about cover type. Because I have just downloaded an album cover images from google, most of the picture is named with something else, LMS does not simply read it.
So this is about finding a way to rename the picture withing the tagged MP3.
So in practice, I have to find a way to rename the picture file within the MP3 to one of the above, either manually and if so I know what to do the rest of the year... or it there are a way to do it as batch withing MP3tag...

The embedded covers don’t have a file name. The files names you mention are all typical of image files that would be in the same folder as the music files though.

It have for sure. If I chose cut out picture from the tagged mp3, and rename it outside the program to cover.jpg and att it again, then it works perfect. Don't mix that with the cover file that you can also have separately in the music folder on the disk, that does not work for me (I have many folders with many single songs, not part of an specific album).

@Florian i wasn’t aware of the embedded images having file names. Can you confirm this is the case?

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The embedded picture data does not have a name - as @LyricsLover already stated. It has a type.
The type can be set during import or with an action of the type "Set cover properties".
The embedded picture data can be exported to more or less any name, using text constants or tag variables or property variables.

The only way to see a filename for a picture file is to untick File>Options>Tags>Do not show pictures from folder as covers.
Then you see something like "picture.jpg" which reflects the name of the first found picture file in the audio file's folder.
The easiest way to rename these files would be to first embed them in the audio files (with an action) and then export them to a suitable name.

I am sorry to say that I have to accept that you are right and I am wrong :frowning: , No I have no problem to admit when I am wrong. Yesterday I did remove, rename and put back around 1000 files. Just these files did show up with picture in the player, but nothing on the old one. Couple of hours they was gone again and I have to realize the problem were somewhere else. I did delete all current index on the Logitech Media Server and re-index from scratch. It did take several hours and now I have album picture on all songs. Something may have happen when I did a version upgrade on the LMS earlier (half year ago) but I did not notice it until I started to use a PC software player (Sqeezelite-X) that have the album presented (when it works). So case closed, at least until it stop showing album, and if that happen I at least know that it is not the MP3 tag that is the problem. Thanks for the rapid respons to all of you.