Rename Complicate Filename

Hi, I am new to this software and want to Rename Filename



01-Same Direction.mp3

Please help

Hi there!

Reading the manual is not hazardous to your health...

1 - Convert -> Filename - Filename:

Old Filename Pattern:


New Filename Pattern:


2- Press OK and your _Filename will look like this:


3 - Actions (quick) -> Replace:

Field: _filename

Original: _

Replace: [Hit space key]

Press OK

4 - Now you have:

01-Same direction.mp3

5 - Actions (quick) -> Case Convertion:

Field: _filename

Case Convertion - Mixed Case

Press OK

I've couldn't be bothered scripting a regular expression. I apologize for that but it was way too much thinking for my state of mind at me moment.

Take care :slight_smile: