Rename contents with folder name

i have several thousands of folder with names "12345 artist - songTitle" where the mp3 inside has an unrelated name and usually no tags.

is there a way to rename all the mp3's with its folders name?

I tried some of the convert options to see if %path% worked but it didnt seem to do anything since im guessing the Path is not classified as a tag nor a filename

All folders are in E:\Games\osu!\Songs\

Filenames are not so important. As long as the tags are filled correctly you can rename them anytime and anyway as you want. So I think you should fill the tags too.

But to your question to only rename the files:
Convert-Menue: Tag - Filename
Format String: %_directory%

If you then want to fill your tags too:
Convert- Menue: Filename- Tag
Format String: %dummy% %artist% - %title%

If you want to fill the 4 digit number at the beginning of your directory name in any tag, just replace %dummy% with your tag in the format string.

And you can also do it in one go in an action group.

that worked great thansk a lot! saved me a lot of headache :smiley: