Rename directory

Based on some discussions here I created an action "Formate dir" with following content:
Format value "_ DIRECTORY":'('%year%' )' %album% '(@'%_bitrate%')'

I have album with two discs in a directory called "album_name" with a subdirs "disc1" and "disc2" containing song files. I want to rename a top directory named "album_name" to a name "(2010 ) album_name (@320)".

I'm browsing "xxx" directory with subdir options and all songs from subdirs are showing. Selecting first song file from 'disc1' directory and doing action renames it's directory "disc1" to wanted name, but I'd like to rename a top directory "album_name" not a subdirs. Is it possible and how?

Now I'm doing copy+paste of new subdir name, rename top dir, and then rename subdir to it's proper name.

Start in the directory in which both subdirs with disc1 and disc2 are located.
Create a format string for your files that has both, the album-directory and the disc-directories in it and separate them by the backslash (example):

(%year%) %album% (@%bitrate%)\disc %discumber%\%track - %title%

This does rename all tracks but moves them to the discnumber-directories (as long as the tag discnumber is filled - but this should be no problem and easily be retrievable with the converter filename - tag)
A separate renaming of the upper directory is not possible. But you won't see any difference as the machine does all the work.
So play around a little with the separator "" and use the pseudo-directories "." and ".."
Oh yes: It would be best to filter for discnumber before you apply the action. A conditional renaming is not implemented in this formatstring.

That was helpful. The key point is to select one disk at a time. Not everything is working as I'd like, but I can make a useful action.