Rename Filenames for Multiple (1000's) of Files

Just got MP3Tag and love it so far. Been using it to update album art.

However, have over 118,000 music files that I would like to rename. I started about a month ago re-ripping my music collection to be loseless However, I noticed that my naming convention wasn't correct for how I would like for it to be. So I started ripping with my new naming convention...but the older ripped file names are already ripped and I would rather not have to re-rip them and re-do the album cover art.

Would like to do this the easiest way possible and be seamless.

Want to rename all the files from the following:

01 music file name.flac
02 music file name.flac
03 music file name.flac

would like to rename them to the following ( adding the hypen after the track number)

01 - music file name.flac
02 - music file name.flac
03 - music file name.flac

I have read that MP3Tag can do this, how and what would be the command expression to accomplish this?

Thanks for any help and how-to in this!


What have stored in the tags?
It should be easy to rename the files with data from the tags with the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%

If you have not put anything into the tags, then it would be a good idea to fill them now using the function Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %track% %title%
Then use Convert>Tag-Filename as described above.

All of these tags ( Track, Filename, Title, Artist, Album Artist, Album, Year, Genre) have data in them. So this should be doable.

I'll test out this function on a few files and see how it goes.


You could filter for those files with
NOT %_filename% HAS -
or with
NOT %_filename% MATCHES "^\d+ -"