Rename Filenames With Alphanumeric Track

Hi! Is it possible or is there a way for mp3tag to detect if the track number is alphanumeric and not change it?
Original File: Joachim & Julien - Acid Beat
Tag Filled: A1 Joachim Garraud & Julien Créance - Acid Beat (Original Mix)
Rename File: 00 Joachim Garraud & Julien Créance - Acid Beat (Original Mix)

This is the syntax what i use:
%artist%\%year% - %album%\$num(%track%,2) %artist% - %title%

I hope understand my question
Thanks in advance

Please note that the field TRACK should be numeric. The only exception is the slash to separate the total of files.

If you have created all track numbers with leading zeros, then you don't need the $num() function.
An alternative would be to filter first for the files that are numeric and treat them with $num() and then filter for those with TRACK and an "A" and then those with a "B" and simply use %track%

Yes, all my tracks have the leading zero, so just %track% is the solution!
Thank you ohrenkino!

You could try $isdigit

or if your track has the format A4/18:

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