Rename Files When Only Changing Case

I am attempting to rename files, but when only changing case (not any characters) the program states that the file already exists.

i.e. - File name is: Joe Smith - A Great Day At The Beach
and I retag and want to rename to: Joe Smith - A Great Day At the Beach

How do I get the program to recognize the change in case of the word "the" and rename?

I have an action group that converts to title case and it has done that hundreds of times without an error. In most title case schemes prepositions of four letters or less are also lower cased so my action group outputs:

Joe Smith - A Great Day at the Beach

I attached "Case Fix.mta" that does what you propose to do. Unfortunately, I don't believe Mp3tag has a way to import such files, but you can manually place them while Mp3tag is closed. The file is located here.


(Edit Removed attachment--see below)

What kind of OS is lurking in the background? And how do you rename the file?

I probably should have even been a little more specific, stating that I want to batch rename all the files at once and not have to worry about that case situation. It sounds like MP3TAG cannot do that.

I am running OS X El Capitan.

Because you are an Apple OS user, you probably know better the dissimilarities compared to other operating systems in the world, so have a closer look into the direction, what may be different between a disk volume on a Windows machine against a disk volume on an Apple machine.

Do you try to rename files on a HFS+ volume, which has been formatted as significant case sensitive, in order to allow uppercase and lowercase letters to be different letters?
If so, then you have to observe this case.
This can also happen on a SMB network folder.

It could be, that ...
"Joe Smith - A Great Day At The Beach.mp3"
"Joe Smith - A Great Day At the Beach.mp3"
... are two different files within the same folder on the disk.

This way it is clear, why the renaming fails.
See book "Mac OS X Server Essentials".

See also ...;locale=de_DE


I see that there have been six downloads of "Case Fix.mta" Unfortunately, the following RegEx is missing a vital iteration directive ...



... and should be:



Also "& the" has been replaced with "& The"

Case_Fix.mta (365 Bytes)

It would make sense to change the old post and remove the download option.

Hmm, this has nothing to do with "iteration", it is just a "lookahead".
(?=pattern) consumes zero characters, only if pattern matches.
(?!pattern) consumes zero characters, only if pattern does not match.

This regular expression makes an uppercase letter on word boundary ...

$regexp('Joe Smith - a Great Day (at the Beach)','\b(A|An|And|As|At|By|De|Del|En|For|From|Il|In|Into|Of|Off|On|Or|Out|Over|Tha


','\u$1',1) ==> 'Joe Smith - A Great Day (At The Beach)'


This is bizarre. Without '?=' the RegEx catches only the first match, but with it catches multiple matches. I honestly thought it was an iteration variation on:

(?1) - Repeat the first group

(?R) - Repeat entire match

(?0) - Repeat entire match

If I can get it to fail, I'll look into it further. I thought it meant 'iterate to the next space.'

"A An And As At By De Del En For From Il In Into Of Off On Or Out Over Than That The To Upon With"

converts to this which is what I want:

"A an and as at by de del en for from il in into of off on or out over than that the to upon With"

It's not just me, but leaving the last word capitalized is a title case convention.

My drive is formatted as case sensitive, so the files can both exist if only the case of one letter is changed. Is there any setting in the MP3TAG program that I should be looking at?

Please explain ... does Mp3tag display both files together within the same folder in the same filelist?