Rename folder by TAG

If I rename the files %artist%\%title%,
it will create a new folder and move all original files to the new folder.
Is it possible for me to rename the original folder directly by tag? (not moving the original files)
Thanks a lot.

Convert > Actions
Format Value with _DIRECTORY

Hello dano, thanks a lot for your kind help,
but would you mind telling me more details if I want to rename every folder to "%band% '['%year']' %album%" automatically?
What do I have to fill in the "Original" column? Thanks a lot again.

Be careful, there is no 'original'

Dear dano, THX for ur INCREDIBLE FAST & GREAT help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it just works perfect as I wish. :laughing: a

Never mind... Florian answered my question about creating folders using tag information. The secret is using the "" to separate the folder name from the filename when doing TAG>>FILENAME conversions. Here is the link:


I think I must have missed something in this discussion. I tried doing the Format_Value for _Directory but my results are not as expected. I have several mp3s in my window, each of which has a different artist.

I want the new directory to be by %artist%. So I did the format value for _Directory and put %artist% as the source. As you can see, I should come up with 5 directories for these 8 mp3s. What happens instead is that all 8 mp3s are assigned to the Alice Creech directory and no other directories are created.

I'm sure there is a simple explanation for where I've gone wrong. If not, is this a bug? Or an undocumented feature? :laughing:

Dr. Spiff

Sorry to dig this back up, but is there a way to append a folder name with a tag? Like say, put bitrate after the existing name? Thank you.

You can use that action with
Format string: %_directory% %_bitrate%

But if %_bitrate% is different for each file it does not make much sense.