Rename folder by using date

i tried this and it was semi-successful

it did rename the subfolders, but the date format was not what i was looking for

they ended up as
Artist - Album (YYYY-MM-DD)
where the MM-DD was 01-01

Artist - Album (YYYY)

how do i control output format to YYYY for this purpose?

Please show us the mask that you used and tell us which action you applied.

To remove anything non-numeric from a string, try $num().

my problem is a lot of files were auto-downloaded with 'date' tag enabled, and the year fields show YYYY-MM-DD

is there a batch action to convert date from YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY? otherwise i am sorting them by year and manually editing each year by batch

Have you tried the $num() function?
Which field contains the long date?

year field

also using the
%artist% - %album% (%year%)

when there are non-music files like folder.jpg
it is putting the tracks into a new subfolder alongside folder.jpg

i want to rename the folder and leave everything intact

so it goes from
Artist - Album
-music fles


Artist - Album
-Artist - Album (year)
--music files

when i want

Artist - Album (year)
-music files

%artist% - %album% ($num(%year%,1))

its cool i want to manually fix the year tags first anyway. just need to keep the files together instead of making new subfolders fo rthe music files

separate issue

where i have disc subfolders i have

Album - Artist
-Disc 1
-Disc 2

I want

Album - Artist (Year)
-Disc 1
-Disc 2

but its merging the disc 1 and disc 2 by tags, resulting in

Album - Artist
-Album - Artist (Year)
-misc non music files like folder.jpg

how do i only rename the top folder and leave disc folders intact?

You can only rename the current folder.
If this is the folder with the disc in the name, then this one will be renamed.
You could try an absolute path with
d:\mymusic\ ...
It could be, though, that the original folder without the YEAR is left over.

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