Rename folder.jpg > %artist%.jpg


So I download the big artist image from But now I want to rename the file and move it to my artist image dir (D:\Pictures\Artist Images). I tried replacing folder with %artist% but as it's not an mp3 I couldn't do this. I hope this is possible the way I'm doing it now takes ages about a minute I want to cut that to seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


Renaming non-audio files is not possible with Mp3tag. But you can try the Web Source and specify your naming scheme %artist% at Options > Web Sources.

This will save the artist image in the audio files' directory using the artist name as file name.

This functionality has been introduced with the Development Builds after Mp3tag v2.39.

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Thanks for the info Florian. But as I was testing it out some artists worked but other didn't. e.g Alice Cooper. Artist picture big didn't work but the url showed up in the xml file but with artist picture small it worked.