Rename folder with [

Hello. I try to write command to rename parrent folder.
Format string: [%comment%] %artist% - %album% (%year%)
Folder must look: [comment] artist - album (year).
Result whithout []: comment artist - album (year). Maybe [] - special symbols and they must be shielded?

Yes, try:
Format string: '['%comment%']' %artist% - %album% (%year%)

The square brackets serve as "if" condition and designate the part that should only be output if the tag field exists.

See also the documentation:

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I think you mean the folder and not the parent-folder.

You should take 2 things into consideration:

  1. An action for the pseudo-tagfield _DIRECTORY moves all files of a folder to a new directory, not only the marked ones. The content of the first marked file will be responsible where you move all the files in the folder.

  2. If COMMENT is empty you will end up with "[] " before %album%. If this could be a problem use the format string: ['['%comment%']' ]%artist% - %album% (%year%). This makes use of the mentioned "if" condition of square brackets.

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Thank you for information. Also today I needed to copy part of parent folder ("Catalog number of release" inside the square brackets) to tag and after few tries wrote this command,:


Folder name: [Catalog number of release] Artist - Album (year)

Good morning. Again, the problem with square brackets.
I need import the numbers at the end of the folder name to tag
First I tried Filename->Tag
Format string:
%dummy% (%dummy%) %AlbumID%\%_filename%

It work well, when folder name is: [] Artist - Album (Year) 43673771
Result: 43673771
But if folder name is: [] Artist - Album (Another artist remix) (Year) 43673771
then result is: (Year) 43673771

Second I tried action "Guess values" with regexp:
Source format: $regexp(%_DIRECTORY%, '.*\(\d{4}\) (.*)', '$1')
Guessing pattern: %AlbumID%
or "Format value":
Format string: $regexp(%_DIRECTORY%, '.*\(\d{4}\) (.*)', '$1')
In both cases result is: [] 43673771
I can't understand where the square brackets come from as a result

I tried shield it:
$regexp(%_DIRECTORY%, '^'['']'.*\(\d{4}\) (.*)', '$1')
But it dont work.

I cannot reproduce it:
$regexp([] Artist - Album (Another artist remix) (2000) 43673771, '.*\(\d{4}\) (.*)', '$1')
leads to:
" 43673771"
(with 2 extra space characters in front coming from the spaces following the commas)

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Yes, mistake was in those 2 spaces after commas and before apostrophes.
Now this works well:

$regexp(%_DIRECTORY%,'.*\(\d{4}\) (.*)','$1')

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