Rename Folder

Hello, I am pretty new to mp3tag so bear with me.

I currently have my music setup like the following:


I am trying to do the following:

I want to convert the tag information to the file structure to make sure the tag info agrees with the filename info.

I've already gone over the tag info and corrected any errors and want to fix any folder name errors to agree with the tags

Tag title convert to filename
Tag album convert to album folder
Tag Artist convert to artist folder

I hope I'm explaining this correctly:

I've done this before using the convert from tag to filename but on an old computer but for some reason I can't remember what to do.

Please help.

Use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: e:\music\%artist%\%album%

The format string is an example. The important bit is that you use an absolute path and not a relative one. So replace the part in front of the field variables (e:\music] with your settings.

Wow this totally blows my mind I am not understanding this at all but I'm trying.

Basicall all of my music is located in a folder on my desktop.

Here is an example of where I have a song by Motley Crue:

C:\Users\HUSKERS\Desktop\Fixed\Ripped\Motley Crue\Greatest Hits\Afraid.mp3

If I want to make sure that the "Artist" "Album" & "Title" names agree with the folders they are in.

I went through and made sure everything was spelled correctly inside MP3Tag and want to correct any folder or filenames to reflect the corrections I made in the tag.

Example if artist inside the tag says Motley Crue then I want the folder to say the same instead of saying something like Mtley Cru. Hope this makes sense.

Look at the example from Ohrenkino and change the format-string to
if your filename is already correct und you only want to move the files.

It is not a good idea to use the desktop as a final destination for your music-files.
You should put them to the destination which is intended in Windows: C:\Users\HUSKERS...\Music
or for a very good reason to other folders.
I can see in any cases no need to put files to a folder on the Desktop,.
If you want access to any folder structure which lies anywhere on your disk from your Desktop you can easyly manage this with a link to that folder-structure.

Thankyou for the help it now makes sense. I actually only used the desktop temporarily while I was ripping CD's. I normally have them in a different area.