Rename folders



My collection is fastly growing and I would like to change the folder structure.
The folder structure now is:
X:\artist\album\artist - album - # - title.mp3
I would like change it to:
X:\artist\year - album\artist - album - # - title.mp3

I know there is a way with MP3Tag to use Tag to file, and to create the new structure, but the problem is the fact that there are not just mp3 files in the folders. Sometimes there are jpeg or avi files as wel. These files will not be moved to a new folder using the Tag to file option and wouldn't like to change 3000 folders by hand.
Does anyone have an idea?




Please don't ask the same question if you already received an answer to it. Anyways, you could have a look on SnapFiles for freeware renamers.