Rename kexp tracks with artist-title / artist

Greetings. I not sure if I need to use regex or $replace(string,from,to) ...

Anyway, KEXP songs of the day have track metadata as follows:

'artist - title' as the title; and just
'artist' as artist.

I want to delete the 'artist -' references from the title .

Can anyone assist?

Kind regards.

see e.g. here:

Preferred way: fill tags, then write new filename with tag field contents.

Let's assume you have a song with the title ABBA - Waterloo and ABBA as artist.
You could use the Convert Tag -> Tag (ALT + 5 ) and this format string:
$repl(%TITLE%,%artist% - ,)


This only works, if your existing content in the artist tag is exactly the same as the content before the - in the title.

If you really want to rename your track (= the filename) please follow @ohrenkino's advice.

Perfect and much appreciated.

Thank you.

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