Rename "Tag With Uppercase" to "Tag with uppercase"


I'm just beginning with this software. First, thank you for doing this cool stuff.

I want that when I rename the tag or the filename, the first word has un uppercase, but I don't want the other one to have uppercase.

Is it possible?
I didn't find it on the forum... Sorry if it already exists.

It's written in the FAQs on this forum and also in the help. What you are looking for is sentence casing.

Yes thank you. I got it.
In fact, the problem I have is that if before the title I have a number, it won't put the Upper case.

exemple :
Original title : 2 - Bounty Hunter
What I want is : 2 - Bounty hunter
But when I apply "sentence" to "title" with "Words begin from" : "- ", I have : 2 - bounty hunter

Try this:

$replace($caps($replace($lower($replace(%title%, ,_)),_-_, - )),_, )


Thank you very much for your answer.
I couldn't find it alone....
Actually I found an other way to do what I wanted. Putting many actions.
Thank you anyway. It will be usefull.