Rename the file folder using the Album Tag

Is there an easy way to rename the folder containing my mp3 files , using the text i have entered in the 'Album' field using mp3tag ?

Also - In a lot of cases , i'll have a 'parent' folder (e.g. 100 reggae hits ) , which will contain 'sub-folders' such ( e.g CD1,CD2,CD3 )

In this case i'd like to rename the parent folder using the Album field
in this case it would be

Ministry of Sound - 100 Reggae Anthems

and at the same time prefix the sub folders using the Album field so that they read

Ministry of Sound - 100 Reggae Anthems CD1

please keep any advice simple !



I assume that you already have all the files in the correct folders only the names are not quite as they should be.
In this case ...

Create a new action
Type: Format tag field
Field: _directory (select from the dropdown list)
Format string: %album%

This does not yet consider the CD1, CD2 case.

This action renames the folder according to the name of the first file found in that folder. All other files in that folder get moved as well, even if they belong to other albums).

If you still have to distribute the files across the filesystem then use the converter TAG-FILENAME and a mask like this:

Brilliant ! - thank you :slight_smile: