Rename Title from Filename

Using v2.40

I've got a directory full of MP3's. Files are named as such:
Chapter 01 - 01.mp3
Chapter 01 - 02.mp3
Chapter 01 - 03.mp3
Chapter 01 - 04.mp3
Chapter 02 - 01.mp3
Chapter 02 - 02.mp3

I'd like the Title each file to be the filename (minus the extension). I found a topic someone started a while ago > Click here , when I try that method I get a message back saying "Tag derived from 1 of 1 files.". but when I look a the title tag, nothings changed. Any thoughts what I'm doing wrong?

Please first make sure, that you're reading the same tag format that you're writing at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

After that, the converter Filename - Tag should import the file name to the tag when you use %title% as format string.