Rename title mp3

Hello just a quick question, all my mp3 files are named like that ex :

01 Find the real.mp3
02 One day remains.mp3
03 Open your eyes.mp3

etc... and I wanted to know how to just name the title of the files with just the name of the musique without the number, just like that.

Find the real
One day remains
Open your eyes

In fact I just want to change %title% in %_filename% without the 3 firt characters.
Is this possible?
Thank in advance I have so many files to rename title that I can't do this by myself.


Try Convert>Filename-Tag
and the mask:
%track% %title%
which fills the fields TRACK and TITLE
Or, if you want to get rid of the number altogether:
%dummy% %title%

Hello thank you for your quick answer
It doesn't work :frowning:
I have just %_filename% for exemple :
01 Burn the witch
And I want that my %title% become %_filename% less the three first caracters.


Did you try the correct convert function? Do not mix "Tag-Filename" with "Filename-Tag".
Use "Filename-Tag" - and that should work.
Or you have to describe in what respect it does not work. Because i just tried your example and that works perfectly with my masks.