rename umlaut characters like ß ä ö ü in file name and folder name

how can i find all folders that have that special characters like ß instead of ss?

how can i rename those folders automatically?

thx alot.

Filter: "%_directory%" HAS "ß"

Action "Format value" Field: _DIRECTORY Formatstring: $replace(%_directory%,'ß','ss','ä','ae','ö','oe','ü','ue')


perfect that works. mp3tag is gr8!

windows does not have such a function. i always got the ss folders also.

is it also possible to rename those directories automatically from "ß" to "ss"?

There's a built-in action group named "CD-R (1) German" that can get you started. DetlevD seems to hava a better solution since all the replacements are in one function. Was $replace() able to deal with multiple replacement parameters from the beginning?

See there ...