Rename windows problem

I used to often rename minimum 200 tracks in many subfolders, but sometime i got this window appear and i have to click allow for each subfolders so is wasting time, do you know how to remove the windows?

Is not everytime but sometimes but it break my batch editing workflow

This message is shown when Mp3tag needs secure access to one of the target folders. It only needs to ask once for each folder (permission once given is remembered) and if it already has permission to access a parent folder, it doesn't need to ask for a subfolder.

This means you can also choose a more general folder (e.g., your home directory at ⇧⌘H or a network share) to prevent future prompts.

Edit: please also make sure you're using the latest version — it's v1.2.2 at the moment and it looks like you're using an older version. I'm improving the app constantly.

Hi, just updated to try,
I work on my Dropbox, I used to move and copy some folder in it. But the root is always the same.
Sometimes the msg doesn't appear sometime, yes.
Thanks for the solution i will try,

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