Renamed all my music to the same tag?!

Something happened and now all of my music shows up with the same artist and album tags:[
is there any way I can revert? I closed the program out.

First of all, my deepest sympathy ... it'll surely be a dead tricky task.

Some hints. In case your files had multiple tags, id3 + ape for example perhaps you accidently displayed APE which mostly contains next to no data whereas the id3 tags are still there. I was once shocked seing only mp3gain info in my files, but this was because ape2 was shown whereas the id3v2 and it's information was totally hidden in mp3tag.
If that's not the case, it'll be somewhat harder.

If you stored them structured, eg. folder and filenames do contain sensefull information you'll at least be able to get this data back. It always depends how much information is available outside the tags, since you could get this information back.
If that's not the case, it'll be somewaht harder.

All what springs to mind is then to consider to work with MusicBrainz oder Music IP Mixer which are able to identify tracks by the audio data itself. These even allow to work out if you stored your files with names 00001.mp3 - 10000.mp3 in one folder named my audiofiles, eg. no information at all but the audiodata itself.

And the best advice ... always keep a backup (it's too late now I know) but even now, when trying to restore lost information, work with a backup at least until you're 100% sure that there's no hidden metadata in your tracks. Since if, you'll surely wipe it when applying a new tag.

good luck ... and fingers crossed you suffered the multiple tags present + wrong one displayed problem

Hello there!

Nothing to worry about, honestly!

Install winamp. Load ALL your collection in a single playlist. [CTRL+A] followed by [Right Mouse Click] -> [Send to] -> [Auto-Tag].

Trust me, there is nothing better, swifter, more reliable than this simple function! :slight_smile:

PS: I've tried MusicBrainz as well other applications but nothing beats winamp in that particular situation!

Take care! :slight_smile:

Sure works in most cases, just did a quick test since I haven't tested gracenote within the past year or so, thus it might have been improoved since then.

Using a self-ripped 'David Sylvian - Secrets of the Beehive' album (accuraterip using dbpoweramp), removing all existing tag informations and renaming the files so they got senseless filenames passed to winamp using a dirctory named 'unknown', to ensure no pure guesses could interfere.

Winamp(Gracenote): 8 out of 10 recognised
Mip Mixer: 10 out of 10 recognised, everything ok

Then a more realistic test, by still providing sensefull filenames in the form tracknumber artist title, again no tags at all. (same files only filenames changed)

Winamp(GRacenote): 10 our of 10 recognised, but the 2 missing ones filled with totally wrong information from a differnt album with differnt track numbers and so on.
Mip Mixer: 10 our of 10 recognised, everything ok

Might work better with mainstream albums, for sure, but in the end it always depends upon how reliable one rates this or any other onlinedatabase.

Winamp's feature is dead fast on the other hand, no question.