Renamed/moved files disappeared under WINE

Hi everyone,

I was using MP3Tag on Ubuntu under wine to update my music library.
I wanted to rename and move all the tracks so I clicked Convert > Tag - Filename, and entered
as the format string.
I was expecting this to move all my tracks within the working directory, but they have disappeared altogether.
Only a few duplicate files were left behind.
I tested this in XP and it worked correctly, and it also works in Ubuntu if I use absolute paths instead of relative.
The files must still be somewhere as the drive's free space has not changed.

Is there any way I can get my music back?




have the slash (/) as directory separator instead of the DOS or Windows backslash ()

So probably now you have (illegal?) characters in your filenames resp. the are all in the same directory and feature the full windows-path as part of the filename...

(Why didn't you try the function with a single file first ... instead of ruining the bigger part of your library?)

So how do you suggest I retrieve the files?

I did them all at once because when I clicked preview it looked like it was going to work.
I'll remember the /'s next time though.


Have you tried the search function of the underlying operating system? I don't think that those files are deleted, but that they were moved to a location where you don't expect them to be.

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Go to a command terminal in Ubuntu and type in: find -name '*.mp3'

and you will notice that that they are located in your .wine directory (is a hidden directory) in your home directory

(for example)

Thanks for the help guys.
I have found all my music in my .wine directory.

(the file names do not contain the complete path, but they are all in there correct album folders)

Sorry to dig up an old thread but I just had the same issue happen to me. I included the '' before the %artist% and now all of my files seemed to have disappeared. Can you help me discover where these files may have gone.

I am working on a external hard drive on Windows 10. MP3Tag v 2.7.1

The renamed files (or folders) should be in the folder you originally opened in MP3Tag.
If not, open your external drive in Windows explorer and in the top-right search box enter artists:%artist% (For example: artists:Elvis)
This will search for music files with the artist you specify.