Renaming 150 MP3's To Numerical Order

My Dodge Challenger built-in UConnect Media Player will only alphabetize the title of music tracks on the SD card and bypass the file name altogether.

For instance if the following were file names on the SD card, all preceded with a numerical value:

  1. noboost4you
  2. Tammie
  3. SRT_HC_707
  4. HCDC
  5. DrBuick

UConnect would take these tracks, alphabetize them, and play them in this order:


The file name is ignored altogether. It makes it difficult to listen to a Top 100 chart when they no longer play in the chart's determined numerical order. I currently have 150 MP3 songs in numerical order (ie:, on my SD card in one folder and also copied to a Windows folder.

I opened MP3TAG and have it showing all the songs, just do not know what to do next. As a newbie to this software, can you tell me the steps I need to batch edit these 150 MP3's and renaming these tags? so that somehow they are in numerical order internally?

Try the function
Format string: %track%. %title%
(provided the filename has first a number, then a dot and then more text)
The preview of that function should show you whether the pattern is ok.

The stuff inside the % are the names of fields according to the MP3 standard.

It worked!! Thanks so much! However I am going to have to make 2 folders on the SD. One from 1-99 (two digits) and another from 100 to 150 (3 digits). It shows in the car now like:

I would say so.
Select any track in the files list.
Press Ctrl-A to select all.
Then apply the Convert function.

Any file that matches the format string will import the data.
You can then click on the column title for TITLE to sort by that and see those files where no data has been imported.

If there are any, then revise the format string - or post a filename here and ask for assistance.

It worked!! Thanks so much! However I am going to have to make 2 folders on the SD. One from 1-99 (two digits) and another from 100 to 150 (3 digits). Or else re-number them starting from 100. It currently now shows in the car like:

If the car player still relies on the filename, you could now rename the files (now: as you have filled that fields TITLE and TRACK) with the function Convert>Tag-Filename:
Format string: $num(%track%,3). %title%

What happens if you take only 3 digits with a leading zero for the ones with only 2 digits.
As your player seems to sort alphabetical this should work.
To change this with MP3Tag is done in a second.

Tried this before, this idiotic Uconnect system thinks 0 (zero) is O as in office. Thus it ignores zero
as a leading zero. This Uconnect software is almost as bad as iTunes. Took me all day to change the numbers in all my playlists (folders) and then MP3tag took me only about 1/2 hour to convert the tags.

For that 150 song list in one folder, I wound up starting at thru

That's indeed very poor.
I don't use and don't like iTunes but I think such behaviour can be considered much worse than any iTunes behaviour. :wink:

Perhaps you should test a workaround with a leading character that has an ASCII-Code lower than zero, like "-".

Till now you wrote nothing about other tags than the title-tag.
How about the track-tag and if it is fiiled with the chart-numbers or/and an album-tag that is the same for all files of this chart list.

I still cannot bellieve that a modern player is not able to handle album-tags, albumartist-tags or compilation-tags.

Maybe following threads are related to the same problem ...