Renaming album art file extension within IDtag


I tried searching my problem, so I hope this is not a duplicate post...

After many hours, I have determined that my MP3 player needs to have a maximum album art size of 300 x 300 and with a file extension of JPG (it's a Sansa E280). This wonderful MP3Tag program informs me of the size of the art (wish it would be allow me to adjust but I'll put that on the wish list...). My problem is that when I add album art to the mp3's ID tag with MP3Tag, it adds the extension .JPEG to the album art (even if the original extension of the album art was .JPG). Thus, when I use MP3Tag to change the embedded album art within an mp3, the album art is not showing in the MP3 player (probably because of the 4 digit extension).

My question is - is it possible to rename the album art file extension from JPEG to JPG within the ID Tag?


It's not the actual file that is stored in the metatags, only the information in the file (the bytes). To specify which type of image the picture is, a mimetype header is used, which is for jpg image/jpg and for jpeg image/jpeg (hope I'm not that wrong).

And as far as I know you can't change the mimetype of the file with help of Mp3tag. I think the way Mp3tag is a bit misleading:
It saves the files with the header image/jpeg, but when you export it again, you get a jpg. Maybe Florian can state on this, but probably not until next year. :wink:

Thanks SquallLeonhart38

OK - so it's not the actual picture that is stored within the tag but the bytes via mimetype. Searching the internet I came up with the following info on

It appears the same mimetype command/code will provide 3 different extensions... It appears they may be something else at work here, as another tag editor takes the same album art (that MP3Tag puts in as JPEG) and loads the art as JPG. I know this as it shows up in MP3Tag as .JPG...

MIME Type File Extension
image/jpeg jpe
image/jpeg jpeg
image/jpeg jpg

What's the norm here? Do most people just put the mp3 file on the device and have the mp3 player read the album art from the mp3 file or do they add the album art separately and the mp3 file together in a folder on the mp3 player?

Hmm, I can't tell if most people put it into the folder as a separate file or keep it embedded. I formyself keep an extra file (folder.jpg with a picture resized to 200x200 pixels) which I also embed into my files (10kB aren't that much in a 30-50 MB file). But I don't know how most MP3-Players handle this. As far as I know for iPod (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) only handles the separate files stored in the same folder as the music.

But that's only a speculation.