Renaming cdg files with MP3. Possible?

Is there a way to also rename a secondary file along with the original MP3?
Some Karaoke files for instance use a .cdg file with the same name as the MP3.
I would like to rename the MP3 file based on tags, but if I do that the .cdg file won't match and work properly in the Karaoke machine.

So if I have Aa.mp3 and Aa.cdg and I want to use mp3tag to rename Aa.mp3 to Ab.mp3, can I also rename Aa.cdg to Ab.cdg at the same time?


You should try before posting.

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I'm not sure why anyone would assume that it would do this when the documentation on renaming files from tags doesn't mention it?:

Nonetheless, it does appear that cdg files do get renamed along with their corresponding .mp3 file with no additional actions required. I tested on a small batch of test files based on your vague reply.

You could have just stated that it did this, and maybe directed me to the official piece of documentation which describes this function. But I guess you thought your response was more constructive.

thanks anyway.

By far not all support files are handled along with the mp3 filename.
If you insist on a source of written information:
See the change log:
[2021-03-15] NEW: CDG files are now also moved and copied with corresponding MP3, WMA, and FLAC files. (#51944)
[2020-11-22] NEW: CDG files are now renamed with corresponding FLAC files. (#18245, #50830)
[2018-11-22] NEW: CDG files are now renamed with corresponding WMA files. (#43547)
[2018-11-22] FIX: CDG files were not renamed with corresponding MP3 files anymore (since v2.90e). (#43605)

Using the keyword "cdg" with the search function of this forum would have revealed at least this thread:


Thanks @ohrenkino.

It is not that I "insist" on it, but the first response was very dismissive as if this was common knowledge.
I only posted because I had run across this issue previously where I believe I had .txt or some other supplemental file with the same name as the .mp3 files and I had to manually rename them all because mp3tag did not rename them. Therefore, I cannot assume that it would work with .cdg or any other file when there are no such options in the interface to toggle/control this or it is not mentioned in the manual.

Had I googled mp3tag and cdg together I might have found this, but as I stated since I had already run across the problem before, my experience showed that it did not rename supplemental files.

Thank you for pointing it out in the changelog.

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You are right. txt is not considered an accompanying file. Nor are jpgs or pngs. cdg ist the only exception.

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