Bulk Moving .CDG files


Hi Florian,
I work with lots of karaoke files.
.mp3 and .cdg
I was the one who suggested mp3tag renamed the .cdg as well as the .mp3
This has helped me lots over the years.
I now want to move large quantities of files from one folder to another.
When I select the files, mp3tag moves the .mp3 but does not move the .cdg file.
Could this be implemented please?
Thank you,



A quick bump!
No replies in 5 months :frowning:


You could have a look at the changelog:
"[2018-11-22] FIX: CDG files were not renamed with corresponding MP3 files anymore (since v2.90e).

Non critical user feedback about pop-ups and version numbering schemes

Just thought I would get a reply.
Never thought to scan the changelog...
Thank you



The entry from the changelog refers to renaming files (e.g., via a converter or directly in the file list).

It looks to me like you're referring to the "Move" feature (i.e., "Edit > Move...") which doesn't handle the corresponding *.cdg files at the moment.

In case I find time to work on this, I'll keep you posted here.


Hi Florian,
Yes thank you very much. It is appreciated!



So it should work if you rename a file with a pattern that also includes a path.