Renaming: Create grouping directories of 3 letters

Hi Forum,
I have so many Artist folders that I want to group them to have a better overview in the car.

e.g. Music\ABC\ABBA... or Music\DEF\Deichkind...

without grouping it is easy:


But does MP3tag offer a solution to generate the ABC or DEF folders depending on the first letter of the artist?

Media Monkey for example offers that functionality using artist@n (n is 3 in this case)

Back 2010 there was a similar a request in the German section - perhaps you can do something with gnor's code

In the example the steps were a-b c-d which led to $div($left(%artist,1),2)
So perhaps if you want a step width of 3, you would have to replace the 2s with 3s:


Modify this to your needs ...

$ifgreater($strchr('0123456789',$left(%ARTIST%,1)),0,'0 - 9', $ifgreater($strchr('ABCDEabcde',$left(%ARTIST%,1)),0,'A - E', $ifgreater($strchr('FGHIJKfghijk',$left(%ARTIST%,1)),0,'F - K', $ifgreater($strchr('LMNOPQRlmnopqr',$left(%ARTIST%,1)),0,'L - R', $ifgreater($strchr('STUVWXYZstuvwxyz',$left(%ARTIST%,1)),0,'S - Z','Special')))))

See also ...
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I especially like the idea, Ohrenkino presented here but I decided to take the second suggestion to be more flexible.

This is my Version (like letters on a phone):


thanks for your replies!

Neat idea for an action.