Renaming file question...

Well, this program is pretty amazing in general. It seems to find all the album covers...well, most of them besides the ghetto dirty south music. Anyways, when I rename my files by clicking the tag - filename button, is there anyway to get it to put the "featuring" + guest artist after the original artist.

Like, say the artist is Jay-Z and the title is Hollywood featuring Beyonce, based on the tags it renames the file:

Jay-Z - Hollywood featuring Beyonce

...but I want it to name it:

Jay-Z featuring Beyonce - Hollywood

...See the small difference, I understand the underlying anal tone to this, but if it's not possible, it's all good cause I'm not going through 10,000 mp3's to do it. If someone has a script or someway to make this work it would be amazing.

Thanks again..

%artist% $mid(%title%,$strstr(%title%,featuring),$len(%title%)) - $mid(%title%,1,$sub($strstr(%title%,featuring),2))

I am sure you can do it with a RegExp, but it's too late for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It works only for files that really have "featuring" in their title. I will think of a new formatstring which should work with all cases...

OK, this is ugly, but it seems to work - unless until dano or someone else comes up with a pure RegExp solution:

%artist%$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,featuring),0, $mid(%title%,$strstr(%title%,featuring),$len(%title%)),) - $regexp(%title%,(\sfeaturing .),)

My RegExp only attempts failed at the part "if title contains 'featuring' show only that, if not, don't show anything" in order to make something like

%artist% <part that I can't do> - $regexp(%title%,(\sfeaturing .),)