Renaming Files (batch)

Hi, I am new to mp3tag and am hoping someone can help. I am working a project using arduino to make a mp3 player. I have a list of tracks that I want to rename . in all about 3000. (around 100 artists 200 albums) once loaded into mpr tag in the correct I want to rename files from 0001.mp3 to 3000.mp3

please excsue my ignorance !


Why would you use a tagging software like Mp3tag to rename files, if you don't even use a single tag to rename them from 0001.mp3 to 3000.mp3?

There are dozens of file renaming programs out there:

Or do you want to rename your songs from 0001.mp3 to something else, like
ABBA - Waterloo.mp3

Sorry but I am not explainimg myself properly. I did not what to bore people. but here goes ...

I am using a mp3 module call dfplayer mini. It is great at playing mp3's from a SD card but is controlled by sending commands to request playback...

the way i have found it works so far is ...

you start by copying all the tracks you want to the SD CARD on the module. When they are played the module knows them only by the order they are written to the card. Thi means you have to know exactly how they are stored in the fat of the card. The filenames are not really know to the module and it does not care.

so if you ask for example play track 127 the module finds a file that was stored ie copied as the 127 file and plays it. the folder or filename is not known to the module.

my challenge is that i need to place the tracks on the card in a known order. so by having the mp3 files numbered from 0001.mp3 to .... say 3000.mpr its easy to sort them before copying to the card

I will then keep a shadow (2nd SD card ) that I can access with filenames that match but these files will only hold the track info I want to use i.e the tags. This is what i have already used mp3tag for. I have exported the information i want into a large csv file. I will then (not one yet) subsequently process this .csv into matching text files named 0001.txt to say 3000.txt . the app i am writing will then on a line line basis extract the tag information and i will us this for display and other purposes . the thing i have not cracked yet is how to rename the original file list i have from the actual track titles to the 0001.mp3 format i need. Hope that explains

David Isom

Load all your files in Mp3Tag, bring them in the correct order and mark them.
Take the converter Tag->Filename:
Format string: $num(%_counter%,4)

hi, Thank you very much ! well pleased.

This was perfect not sure how it works but it does exactly what I needed. AWESOME !

The dynamic information placeholder %_counter% calculates the "position" of the current file in all selected files.

The string function $num(%_counter%,4) returns the content of %_counter%, padded with leading zeros up to 4 digits:

Thank you so much for the i description. David I am super pleased with this program and the community.

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