renaming files, not tags!

i'm using this program for a few days. it is ok, but i have one question. when i arrange all tags, add picture if available, i usually also rename files. format for renaming is ARTIST - name of song.mp3. but, in mp3tag i can not do such renaming. file rename exists, but there is only for whole file name. all upper, or all lover case. so, is there possibility to rename file in UPPER - lover. ext?

thanks in advance!!

You can use ALT+1 with $upper(%artist%) - $lower(%title%)

or action "Format value"
Format string: $upper(%artist%) - $lower(%title%)


that is that! i was trying to do with change case action, and that was mistake.

ok, one more question if u have time. i found action "remove". it is obvious what it do, but, is it possible to remove all tags v1, but to keep tags v2?


i'll answer to myself. i spend some time to read forum questions, and my second question was mentioned few times. there is no action to remove tag, but, trough prefs is possible to remove unwanted tags, and then file->remove tag. or red "X" at tooltab. but, like few other users i think that action is more suitable solution. at least it can be done automatically with other actions.

but, maybe in some newer versions.