Renaming Files Only (Non Tag Related)


Quick question, apologies if this has been asked before but the search function yielded no results.

Basically i want to rename a batch of tracks. Currently they are like this...

(03) [Angello And Laidback Luke Feat Deborah Cox] Leave The World Behind.mp3

...and i want it to be like so:

03 - Angello and Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind

Note the 'and' is smaller case now as is 'feat.' with a comma at the end and also the brackets removed.

Is there a command i can input to rename all the files the way i want them?

BTW this has nothing to do with the tags, just how the filename is set out.

Many Thanks


If the tags have that kind of syntax that you prefer you can easily use the Function tag - filename.
On the other hand: with all your specialities concerning capitals and punctuation I wonder how any programme should guess these wishes unless you provide a rather comprehensive list with all the exceptions.
I doubt that this will be easy. And what will be the benefit? Filenames are void - the mp3 tags must be the object of desire, they must be filled in a comprehensive way.

If your files are named uniformally using that initial pattern that you posted, and this has nothing to do with the tags there-in, I suggest you to use a tool named "Bulk Rename Utility".

You will be able to "select all", and in a few "bulk renames" get exactly what you want...

  1. Set "Case" format to "Title"
  2. Rename
  3. Reset "Case" to back "Same"
  4. Replace "(" with nothing
  5. Replace ")" with " -"
  6. Replace "[" with nothing
  7. Replace "]" with " -"
  8. Replace " And " with " and "
  9. Replace " Feat " with " feat "

It'll be much faster than my typing the above 9 steps out actually....

Thanks for the help buddy, greatly appreciated!