Renaming folder supported?


I want to rename my folders, and not the mp3 files themselves. My music directory is filled with album folders. I'd like every albumfolder to have a name like this: artist - year - albumname

Is there a way to have the folders renamed, based on the mp3 files inside? I'd like it if the info is retrieved online from a database site, but not from the mp3 file itself (I'm afraid I may have erroneous files). Could a script scan the files, and then look them up on a database site, and retrieve the info from thére?

I've searched on the forum and I encountered a few scripts, but don't know what do to with those yet. I also don't know if I can trust those.

Right now I'm wiping the comments in all the mp3's I have so I can't have a look in the program to see where I can put scripts or even know if that's possible that way. It's gonna take a while before it's finished deleting all the comments. That's why I opened this topic :slight_smile:

to rename the directories the way you like them:
Action: Format Value
Formatstring: %artist% - %year% - %album%
(or %albumartist% - %year% - %album%, if you use the ALBUMARTIST field)

This is based on the ID3-Tags inside the files.

The web source scripts in Mp3Tag are able to retrieve that info from different online databases.

Tested it, it works. Not all my songs have year tags, so I'm gonna need to retrieve those first.

I'd like to retrieve only the year tags and nothing else, from Discogs, not Freedb. I searched again but the stuff went over my head.

All discogs script here in the forum retrieve much more info than year only. You could edit one of the scripts with a text editor to write only the year. To do so, you can:

a) (easier):
Set "Artist"
Set "Title"
Set "Album"
for every tag field you want to stay unchanged at to end of the script.

b) (quicker skritpt):
Delete everything from the skript which does not belong to the year. You have to keep the search & index part as it is. after that, in the album part only keep the lines which are necessary to find the year on the page and those who write the year.

But if you only want to write the year, it may be easier if you search the releases with your browser a write the year manually in mp3tag.