Renaming folders according to Tags

It would be great feature that could help people, with lots of music, to organize their music if the program could create folders and separate the mp3 files into them and renaming the folders according to the mp3 tags.

Great program, keep improving it!
Making music addicted life's easier :music:


I think this function is already there. (I think the method has been mentiones a number of times in the forum).
Proceed as follows:
Move to the root-directory of your music collection.
Let MP3TAG read in all the files.
Select all files in the list.
Use the function Tag-to-Filename with a mask like this
new_music_collection\%artist%\%year% - %album%\%track% - %title%

Important are two things:

  1. all files are moved to the newly created folder new_music_collection.
  2. Make sure that you insert the backslash as this is interpreted as directory separator.
    Press OK to start renaming.

As a result within the folder new_music_collection a structure is created sorted by artist, then by year, then by track.
All the original folders are now empty (except for all non-mp3-files) and can be deleted - this can easily done in the Windows Explorer if you sort by creation date. The folder new_music_collection should be at one end of the list. All other folders can then be deleted (if you made sure that there are no more valuable other files in them).

I think I do not have to point out how to restore a file structure without the folder new_music_collection, have I?

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you want to create a Format Value action with the _DIRECTORY field being formatted something along the lines of %albumartist% - %album% or whatever suits your needs.