renaming folders



Please can anybody explain me how to do this:

Rename folder with some particular album mp3s to "year - album" (or whatever) format. Is there any easy way?

Thank you.


well. i found it's possible to rename folder by making a new action that replaces _DIRECTORY with explicitely stated folder name (eg The lost sounds of mu) to explicitely stated new name. but even if i put "%year% %album%" (without quotes) to "replace with" it gets renamed to exactly "%year% %album%".
So, probably I need to things:

  1. How to find in "original" everything after last slash
  2. To replace it by actual year and album title, not to %year% %album%".

Sorry for maybe lame questions, I have just installed mp3tag, spent about an hour in this forum and help, and could not find anything.


The action type must be Format value to use placeholders.


Ydope have just replied to me in another topic.

Just in case somebody come to this topic by Search: