Renaming is a great and strong option. Only, if there are other than MP3 files (for instance jpg files) in the directory, they will not be moved to the newly created folder. Is there an option to change this, so that all files will be moved?

Further, when I try to tag files through freedb "determine from selected files" without result, I get the message No suitable entry found(...) and leave the freedb menu. This is a little anoying, because it would be more logical to go back to the freedb menu to choose another freedb search option to rename the tags.

Also, if there are multiple results after a freedb search on selected files, it would very helpful to see more track information if you select an album, the only way to find out more info now is by renaming the tags, and see the result after the renaming.

Is there a way of moving files of position without having to rename them? Sometimes files lak numbers, and when you want to use freedb from selected files the order is essential.

Is it possible to use the Autonumbering option "Save total number of tracks" as default without having to use the Autonumbering option?

MP3tag is a great tool, thanx!



No. Not at the moment.

Good idea. I'll add a "Try again" option to this message box.

You can try the preview button.

Yes, just use the mouse while pressing the [Alt] key. If you want to move multiple files at once, you'll need the latest Development Build.

I don't know, how this should be done, but you can always enter the track number with total number of tracks in the track field (xx/xx).

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~ Florian